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Whether you need a website, marketing campaign, advertising, design created for your business, the key to making the project a success starts with having well-thought-out creative brief.

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( Development, Redesign, Maintenance )

The main idea is to create a trustworthy web that represents the value of your business. We will make sure not only that it will look fancy, but also responsive with fast loading time to be accessed from any screen sizes be it mobile or desktop.


Social Media Optimization

First thing first = Conversation sparks Conversions.

You need to be trusted by your audience before they convert to become your devoted customers. It is not just about what you can do, but it is about who you are, behind that grand logo that makes people wanted to engage with you. Social Media Management is about honesty and story-telling. Let us tell your story.


Searh Engine Optimization

By enhacing your business’ SEO, your audience will able to find your business easily through search engine, and your brand awareness will be increased. From On-Page to Off-Page SEO and Link Building, we will make sure that your business is sitting nice and pretty at the first page of any Search Engine.


PPC Advertising

Successfully reached target customers on a shoestring budget.

Effective and efficient. Those two words are the magical words that every marketer would love to hear regarding their marketing campaign. With a thorough research on targeted keywords and selective digital media your brand will reach the target market more effective on any digital channel.


Content Marketing

Every single bussiness need to promote their products or brand. DigitalSquad can help you to create the right campaign and choose the right channel to promote

  • Social Media Buzzer
  • Advetorial on Premium Media
  • Soft Selling content
  • Celebrity / Endorser


Creative Design

We provide any design for content marketing and identity brand your company.